With over 50 years experience between or design team, you can trust us to make sure your workwear and stationary reflect your company's image exactly as you would wish. After all, it's all about image!


All of our embroidery is carried out on-site. We do not farm out our work to any other third party. We keep you informed of the process every step of the way ensuring your complete satisfaction.
We have thousands of designs under our belts


As with all of our workwear, we carry out all our work under one roof. We use the latest of technologies and the finest materials to ensure your printing is of the finest quality. Thousands of satisfied customers cant all be wrong!

Our business consists of two main aspects. 

Workwear and Digital Signage.

Our Team Leaders

Workwear Manager – Paul Bryant

Digital Signage Manager – Mr X

Paul has not always been a George Clooney lookalike, although the resemblance is somewhat startling when you first meet him. 

Always having a healthy interest in sport, he grew up in Florida and after graduating from college where he gained a B.A. in the art of bullshit and deception, he went on to represent the Miami Dolphins American Football team and was the leading running back for three seasons before injury forced him out of the game at the tender age of just twenty three. 

Undaunted by this setback he enrolled with NASA and trained as astronaut, finally being accepted on to the crew of the final endeavour space shuttle flight. 

At 31, realizing that Space wasn’t big enough for him, he decided to put his obvious musical ability to good use and became a session guitarist playing on such hits as Elvis’s “I just can’t help believing” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies” amongst many others.

Whilst mixing with the showbiz crowd, he was talent spotted by Calvin Klein and in his early forties fulfilled another lifelong ambition and became a catwalk model. For two years he was the talk of Paris, Milan and New York. It was while he was on a modelling assignment in London that his paths first crossed with Mr X. 

Much of Mr X’s life is a mystery. Even now we cannot reveal his real name as it’s a matter of national security, although it’s a nearly forty years since he led the team that stormed the Iranian embassy in London. It’s not only the Iranians that have long memories, there was an incident a few years later that upset a certain Mr Putin that puts the secrecy of his whereabouts and identity  on a “need to know basis”

What we can say about him is that he graduated from Oxford university with a degree in Nuclear science and swiftly went on to Captain one of our few remaining Nuclear submarines and only managed to run aground  a couple of times during his tenure. The damage was negligible. Turns out those missiles needed de-commissioning anyway. Nothing to see here, move along.

After leaving the Navy, he was recruited by MI6 and this is where much of his life became secretive. Given the code number 008 he travelled the world serving the country in far flung places as Barbados, Jamaica, the Seychelles and Mauritius. The lost years as he refers to them. His personal life suffered terribly during this period. putting his brooding good looks to good use, his success with the ladies was bordering on the sensational but unfortunately most of his many, many girlfriends came to mysterious and unexpected ends. He always seemed to bounce back though.

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